2005-2013: Name, Production and Consulting

The name of the company "Shinca" was created with a combination of the founder's first names and it coincidentally means "Evolution" in Japanese. The Founder's vision was to make a good impact in people's lives through its produced contents.

In October 2005, the company was initially formed in Los Angeles as Shinca Productions to develop and produce storytelling films and television shows.

While providing production services in the United States, Shin Koyamada, the CEO of the company begun helping out his friends and its clients to launch and expand their different types of businesses in the foreign market in Japan where he is originally from.

As the company became busier taking more new clients referred by previous clients it has helped in taking their companies to Japan, its consulting services started growing internationally.

2014-present: Reforming and Expansion

In 2014, the company has been reformed by changing its company's name to "Shinca International" and its main business to an international business consulting.

The production unit of the company has been moved to another company the Founder owned and operated since 2008 in Los Angeles, which was also converted out as "Shinca Entertainment" to carry on its media and entertainment production services under the new company.

Since it has been restructured in 2014, Shinca International started expanding its businesses by providing its services to more American startups in numerous industries, including energy, agriculture, entertainment, technology.

In the same year, Shinca International begun consulting foreign companies in other industries such as medical and manufacturing outside of the United States to expand their businesses to the United States.

The company signed a multi-year global consulting agreement with a Global Fortune 500 company based in Japan to consult the company as its North America Advisor and connect them with new businesses from the United States in all business areas that its client has in Japan and Asia, including retails, shopping malls, entertainment, restaurants, coffee shops and others related.