Shin Koyamada
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Koyamada is responsible of overseeing the company's overall operations in the United States and the rest of the world. As a founder, Koyamada has successfully dealt with private and public sector clients in a dozen of different industries globally, taking their businesses global. All of the clients he has dealt with over 15 years have been referred by past clients the company has had business relationships with. His specialized region is the United States and Asia where most of his business transactions have been processed.

As an actor, Koyamada became best known to global audiences after his co-starring debut role in the Warner Bros. blockbuster film “The Last Samurai” (2004), with a worldwide box office of $456 million. Koyamada became internationally well known among global youth after starring in the Disney Channel worldwide hit TV movie “Wendy Wu Homecoming Warrior”, which had over 5.7 million viewers at its premiere, making it one of the highest viewed Disney Channel movies in the United States and the highest rated kid’s channel in Europe, U.K. and Japan. Both of his films have been live streaming on Netflix and Disney Plus over 100 million subscribers around the world, gaining him new followers and networks.

After having a successful film career in Hollywood, Koyamada has started Shinca International by utilizing his business experience,  honed social skills and global networks he has built over 20 years globally. Koyamada has initially begun helping his friend's businesses go abroad in Japan and vice versa.

In addition, Koyamada is also known to international community for his philanthropic efforts through Koyamada International Foundation (KIF), a Los Angeles-based international NGO, with a focus on youth, gender equality, disaster & emergency, people-to-people exchanges, habitat and space education. KIF has its chapter member organizations in eight countries.

Nia Lyte

Nia Lyte is responsible of overseeing overall operations in the United States and South America. Originally from Bogotá, Colombia, Lyte is a champion of bridging diverse businesses between the United States and countries in Latin America, helping most of the company's spanish speaking clients.

As an entrepreneur, she has founded her first American cosmetic company at age of 26, importing cosmetic products from Latin America for the U.S. market. A few years later, she has co-founded her second company Shinca Entertainment, an American media and entertainment production company in Los Angeles, developing and producing Hollywood films, shows, games, comics and digital stickers where she serves as its President today. While she was an international student in Alabama, she has authored her first English book “The Power of Creativity”, published and sponsored by The Board of Education and City Council. She authored her second English book "The Power of Your Inner Beauty", published online at the, Barnes & Noble and other major publishers.

Lyte was a TED Talk Speaker in Kyoto, addressing women's leadership and global mindset, gaining her tens of millions of viewers from around the world. In addition, she has been invited by then-Colombia Ambassador to the United Nations to speak about women's leadership at a Colombia's women's conference at the United Nations Headquarters in New York as well as spoken at numerous international conference hosted by various international NGOs across the United States. In Washington D.C., she has interned under a U.S. Congressman Earl Hilliard Sr. as a Hispanic Director, outreaching Hispanic communities in Alabama.

Lyte has honed her global mindset attending The English School, one of the most prestigious international school in Colombia and having graduated with International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma. Lyte also has studied an international business at Politécnico Grancolombiano University, a high-profile undergraduate private university in Bogotá, Colombia. In addition, she has attended at the Gadsden State Community College and Auburn University in Alabama and graduated with honors as an outstanding international student with a degree in marketing.

Nia is a President of Koyamada International Foundation (KIF) and also Board of Directors of multiple other nonprofit organizations, including Women in Cable & Telecommunication (WICT) Southern California Chapter and Japan America Society of Southern California.